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Call on Hung Right!

    We began with Marty Sr. , Marty Jr. and my son-in-law, Chuck Cowman. But after Chuck was struck by a car on rt. 295 in Baltimore back in the late 1980's his athletic days as a Sign installer were numbered. In 2006, Chuck had to give it up and since then, his wife, Terri Cowman our daughter has served as truck driver, Sign installer, delivery coordinator and office manager. As much as Chuck has wanted to contribute, his body just won't allow him to. So, he has raised his 3 children, Megan, now 20, Carrisa, now 16 and Christian now 8, helping them with their schoolwork, homework etc.

Hung Right Sign Installations

For the past 24 years my son-in-law and myself, operating under the name of Hung Right Sign Installations have been servicing national and local Sign fabricators with the installation of their products. Many times as we drive around the greater Maryland area between jobs, we pass by Signs that we installed for our many clients and customers over these many years. Each and every Sign brings back memories of the day we put them in their final resting place for all the world to see.
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